Bidirectional radio gateway through the wired world

Geolocation systems are becoming more prevalent. They make it possible to visualise in real time the position of vehicles on a map in order to optimise working processes.

Our solution allows you to generate statistics that can serve as the basis for example for billing travel expenses to your customers.

The system consists mainly of a discreet box, hidden in a place not visible to the driver, and an antenna, for example glued inside the windshield.

The assembly is carried out in our specialist garage.

Transmission of real-time data can be performed through public networks such as GPRS, UMTS, etc.. or through private networks such as Tetra or the DMR.

Because Insight is a solution developed by our personnel, adaptations and interfaces are available on the basis of the needs of each customer.

Basic functions

  • Display of vehicles in real time
  • Tracking of individual vehicles
  • History of vehicle movements
  • Generation of different types of reports
  • Multilingual interface: English, French, German and Spanish Internet updates

Extended functions

  • Alarm management
  • Zone management
  • Event management for notifying users about the action of vehicles
  • Sending, receiving and archiving the message text on the screen of vehicles with acknowledgment request
  • Ability to create custom functions (Plugins)
  • Importing specific cartographic material