More and more first responders and field personnel are using their vehicle as an office. Aided by wireless broadband and motivated by the need to keep up with information and their workload, they perform more tasks in the vehicle, from report writing to video surveillance.

This requires more than fast wireless broadband and the latest software — they also need a connected, powerful, rugged and ergonomic workstation that is designed for the challenges of their workday and the rigors of their environment. For them, we build the MW810 Mobile Workstation.

Features and benefits

High performance display - MW810 displays feature a resistive, tempered glass touchscreen interface. A high brightness display option features 1200 cd/m² brightness with 1:400 contrast ratio and outstanding viewing angles, so both driver and passenger can easily view on-screen information in any type of lighting from direct sunlight to total darkness.

Touch of a button sends a message. Multiple softkeys backlit for visibility and located across the bottom of the display, can be assigned to different functions under mobile application software control. Custom user functions can easily be labeled. A one-touch emergency key can be easily reached to send a distress signal – enhancing security in an emergency situation.

  • Resistive, tempered glass touchscreen display. High brightness (optional): 1200 NITS
  • Ultra-bright, glove-friendly touch screen with feature user-friendly controls and programmable buttons

Customizable buttons give instant access to frequently used programs or functions. An easy-to-use knob gives you control over settings such as brightness and contrast.

   Flexible three-piece design

All major components (CPU, display and keyboard) can be mounted in various ways in space-limited vehicles. Components can be purchased individually to offer a modular and cost-effective approach.

Internal GPS and Dead Reckoning GPS module options work with your applications to provide accurate vehicle location.

Expanded I/O capabilities. Various I/O expansion boards allows you to outfit all vehicle types and meet connectivity requirements while using the same CPU platform. This simplifies equipment maintenance and life cycle management.

  • Flexible three-piece design for multiple configurations of CPU, keyboard and monitor
  • CPU installs in passenger cabin or trunk