Console d'exploitation radio IP MCC 7500

The possibility of seamless integration in Dimetra IP TETRA networks is at the heart of the command and control solution of the MCC 7500, which provides interoperability and leads to cost reductions or generates benefits in terms of security for critical communications.

MCC7500 consoles connect directly to IP networks without interface boxes, digital voice gateways or electronic rooms.

All console activity — including trunked and conventional audio, auxiliary inputs/outputs and configuration/fault management — is supported by IP network.

Features and benefits

Seamless integration into ASTRO® 25 trunked networks is at the heart of the MCC 7500's command and control solution, which provides interoperability, cost savings and security advantages for mission critical communications.

  • Emergency calls are prioritized to connect no matter how busy the network
  • Voice quality is optimized to eliminate clipped or degraded audio
  • High audio quality maintained regardless of traffic loads
  • Calls are set up in a fraction of a second, regardless of system size
  • Voice messages are delivered quickly
  • Call traffic is automatically re-routed in the event of IP-network failure, minimizing impact on the end user
  • Dispatch performance is enhanced and bandwidth used most efficiently by using IP multicast technology
  • True end-to-end encryption to keep all communications secure

  • Centralized Configuration and Fault Management allows access to the network manager from remote locations via standard IP
  • Enhanced, integrated logging with digital audio
  • Agency Partitioning allows agencies to share a system while maintaining control over own resources
  • Compatible with existing ASTRO®25 Trunking Systems with forward migration to leverage your investment
  • Simplified installation and lower site costs because the console operator position functions without backroom electronics
  • Integrates with PremierOne™ CAD to simplify operations, improve data accuracy enhance efficiencies.