Dimetra IP TETRA Switches

High performance, secure and integrated wireless communications that are essential to the effectiveness of professional mobile communications.

The Dimetra IP Scalable TETRA switches from Motorola Solutions are the power behind our industry leading TETRA solutions.

The Tetra equipment, running on Dimetra IP infrastructures, integrated with specific applications, combined with professionally managed services provide the high performance communications solutions, which dependable and secure are essential for the efficiency of professional mobile communications.

Leveraging off Motorola Solutions proven technological expertise, Dimetra IP is the technologically leading integrated solution for demanding mission-critical environments. The truly scalable Dimetra IP portfolio delivers an extensice array of voice and data capabilities.

Features and benefits


Flexibility and simplicity in deployment and Expansion
Motorola's Dimetra IP system accommodates your changing requirements. Scalable in size and features it meets customer requirements from a single to multi-sites and even onto a national scale. Functionality is also scalable, delivering voice services and add on services such as short data, packet data, telephone interconnect, as well as a comprehensive security suite.

Fast contact
Based on a flat mesh IP based architecture our mission critical systems delivers extremely fast, consistent group call set up times, even across multiple wide area zones, allowing consistently high speed call set up connections.


Higher efficiency packet data
Dimetra systems, with end-to-end IP configuration, provide the most comprehensive packet data service, including Multi-slot packet data (MSPD) in the TETRA market, keeping you connected and maximising the utilisation of network resources.

Extensive applications suite
The Dimetra portfolio supports a wide range of well-documented licensed Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), enabling organisations to connect seamlessly to other telecommunications networks and services, or integrate their operational I.T. applications.


Inherent reliability
Dimetra IP systems' key platform components are fault tolerant, ensuring that the network continues to handle and deliver communications under adverse conditions.

Superior resilience and performance
Dimetra IP solutions are designed to deliver class leading performance and reliability, with support for redundancy throughout, from site links, base radio and site controller redundancy - to fully redundant switch and geographic redundancy.


Motorola Solutions has been successfully implementing encrypted communications for well over 30 years. Dimetra IP systems encompass a full range of TETRA compliant encryption solutions to suit your budgets and operational requirements. Authentication and Air Interface Encryption are also offered in Dimetra mission critical systems.

Security and control
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow organisations to share a network and still enjoy the security and control they require, without the expense of a dedicated infrastructure. Networks sharing enables organisations to co-ordinate operations through interoperable equipment and common talk groups.